Sunday, May 2

Party, and drink my sorrows away....

D8, and Neverland with Jamie Baby

Taiwan Disco, then to Thai Disco.
I still preferred Thai

Keeping myself occupied every single day.
I'm still not over you.

The saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad.

Sunday Car Mart♥

Sunday Car Mart, that's nothing lovelier than working with your girlfriend
Though the sun was burning us alive, but we were still having fun together!
Listening to their pop music, and grabbing ice-creams to eat.

Lemon tea, i'm loving it♥

That's my Jamie baby
Gonna plan a BKK trip with her in July!
Can't wait for it to arrive~

P/S:I'm too lazy to update my blog lately, and oops*
I'm still blogging about last month entries!

Saturday, May 1