Monday, December 31

Pictures (:

Meet up with bb & steve last night.
Went suki sushi for dinner & grandlink for pool.
I didn't even won a match but never mind. I had a great night with them!
All those nonsense & fun are back, woohoo.
Went to precious's house aftermath.
Drink a lil and catched romantic princess (i think) with her.
It was a great serial show. Wu zun is just so handsome!
How i wish i can just go inside the show & have some close-up with him.
Oh man. Im falling in love with him. Alright.. Stop it.
Stayover at her house, didn't really sleep & dragged myself home then bugis.
Was kinda pissed. I nearly went mad after quarrelling with my mum.
After bugis headed to central for dinner and home.
Tomorrow is new year eve & ive no idea where to head.
Ive so much things in mind right now.
-Gucci strap&bag
-LV vernis coin pouch
-Burberry small tote
-Coach black side

& many more (:
I guess i not gonna skip work next month just to get all my things.
I really hope money will drop from the sky!
Sigh. A new year is coming.
What a new year gonna brings? Im sure there's surely much more difficulties ahead.
Just gonna thrown away all the sadness that 2007 brings.
Stay happy & positive. Taking things easy.
I should just open up my heart to everyone!
Oh yea, i gonna catch some show right now. Bye.
Happy new year to everyone!
& especially ling, Happy advanced birthday! (:

Wednesday, December 26

I know you hate me for saying such words.
But when i say those words, my heart stumbled too.
I claimed i'm tired because i'm sick of thinking about those girls.
I just don't feels safe without you by my side, even a minute or what.
Thats why i always get so pissed. I just scared suddenly everything will change.
I just dont know how to explain the feeling to you.
But what i want to say, is i really love you.
I know nothing proves it but think about why am i behaving this way then maybe you will know.
I'm sorry baby.
You're the only pillar i can rely on.
Thats why i'm so afraid of losing you.
There's many things i want to say but..
Words just can't express the feelings.
And love no need words to express out.

A bad christmas.

There's so much things i want to say.
But i just can't type it out. Kinda stuck,messed-up,confused.
Things did not change for the better, i started it and brought a full-stop to it.
I hate myself for behaving this way.
Those words,promises&everything is not a lie or any entertainment from me to you.
I know you're the one giving in all these while.
While me, i'm doing nothing. Just taking things for granted.
But think about the times when you get pissed with me when guys contact me.
I don wish to mention the names.
You get pissed over a small matter too, i'm sorry for behaving this way.
But you should know why am i behaving this way.
Why am i being so paranoid & pissed when small matters cropped up.
You felt this way before, now i can totally understand your feelings that time.
I know i should talk things out with you instead of running away from it.
Not replying you,answering you or whatever.
But whenever i'm pissed, i just want the person to FO.
I've no confidence of changing, that's why i choose this way.
I really need some time to cool down myself.
My mind is leading me instead of my heart.
I should just cool down & give a deep thought about this entire matter.