Sunday, January 31

Panasonic LUMIX-G

Siloso Beach Resort

Death Note: Misa Misa ^^
The interesting backstage! Everyone is wearing a different theme =p
Our "group" photo, hahaha!
Fitting of the gown, thanks love♥ for accompanying me!

Friday, January 29

G-Shock at Velvet Underground

Thanks to nick ho for the invitations!

It was a rare night for the four of us to party together, the free flow of vodka was strong enough to drive us wild that night.

At this part, all of us felt like we were working! Hahaha.

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved ♥

Today, "Gao le ge da wu long"!
Was waiting for time to set off to school, and i realised there were smoke coming out from my cabinet.
For the next second, calling my mother to tell her about it. As I initially thought it was gas leaking. So I was very afraid&couldn't wait for the gas attendant to arrive.
In the end, i realized the smoke came from the garage, people spraying massive amount of pesticide =.=

Have been a really good girl these days.
Surprisingly, I actually did housework for mommy automatically.
I've missed two days of my tv drama, ="(
I'm addicted to shows from 10pm-1am, 3 different dramas! ^^
Things haven't been going well for me, my temper is getting much worst.
I just find almost everything super annoying!

The truth always lies infront of us but sometimes, we just dont wish to face it. ♥

24th January,
Went off early to meet up with love

BEDS on a Sunday!
Addicts for FCUK
My face were far too red to even take a picture, didn't know that girls night were all about killing each other -.-

Genngenn 21st♥

23rd January, Saturday.
Naumi Hotel,

Star of the night

It's been quite some time since we last catch-up, and it was really great seeing each other again! ^^

1 sweet birthday kiss for my dearest genn!
First to strike 21st!

It's quite rare to have this kind of chance whereby all of us have time for some short catching-up about each other

Pretty birthday cake, isn't it?
They seems really afraid that the first layer will collapse! Ha =x
I realized me&adelia didn't take so many pictures, for quite sometime!


My face is superb oily! =(

Crazy drinking games to kill our time before cutting the cake!

There were more liquor than the picture below, 6-7 different liquor. Gosh!
Whenever is my turn, I would just secretly drink a little sip by sip! Oops.

Black&White Theme for the night

I seriously have no idea what's wrong with my camera! =.=
Last but not least, I hope you like the gift&baileys! =)
Years of friendship, i hope things are definitely still going strong