Wednesday, November 26

Don't leave me tonight.

Oh, Here I'm blogging once again while rotting at home.
Been staying at home for these two days.
Poor baby lost his laptop, can you imagine how dumb and silly he is.
& My dearest baby, Cheer up,my boy.
The person who took your lappy shall be punished terribly cause I shall curse the person. Lol.

Monday, November 24

I had been on a job search, but after the interview-ed with few boutiques.
I had an urge to just slack at home and shake my legs.
The dreadful feelings of attending work,waking up early,going work on time were driving me nuts.
My carefree life have finally reached its end.
Repeating spending worthless money on taxis and miscellaneous.
Allll my money have finally been used up.
Sigh. Somehow, I just wish the results would be up soon and it'll be the time for school.
I really missed school life, the innocent thoughts, playful and rebellion period.
Bunch of friends sitting together gossiping or studying.
Now every one of us separated. School,work and we're going different life.
I really hoped to go back to those innocent babies life. Eat,sleep,cry,shit and covered with loves.
Oh. I should really stop dreaming and find a stable job soon before the Thunder starts again.

. . . . I love you . . . .
I had actually been pondering hard about us after that huge fight the other night.
You really did left me going away with tears which were flowing like an endless river.
Perhaps things have been better right now but i really hoped that you'll change and stop giving me disappointment.

Saturday, November 15

Another matter to add on.
I have totally given up on Denny.
I'm with someone whom i'm really comfortable with.
Someone who gave up something important for me.
Yeah, I might be selfish.
But who could possibly hang on for another 1year plus?
The love definitely would fade away in time.
So yes. I'm sorry to all his friends.
I really really gave up this time round.
He wasn't the main reason for causing me to give up on D.
It was the dreadful wait and loneliness.
Even though i've gave up but till now, the guiltiness would still haunts within me. 
Goodbye Denny, Thanks for all the things you did.

I finally got my Mac.
& Without windows,everything were like a little complicated for me.
O's are finally, a great sigh of relief!
Anyone who have jobs to introduce please approach me (:
Cause i'm rotting at home almost everyday.

Sept25th. Yw&my birthday surprise.

I was molested!

Yvonne :)

"S" Brothers.
Chanel :)
Willie & gary.
Jenny :)

Angelia :)

The fab lady,eve :)

Kelly :)

Carol, We celebrated our birthday tgt.

I've no idea what's going on with my eyes.

My Lesbian love, Eileen.

Cecilia! :)

Prettiest girl in shin, joann.

Gina :)
I think she would definitely kill me if she sees this.


Tammy :)

& Here's my bitch, Wynny :)
Casey :)

Overall, That night was awesome! I love all of the girls.

Nyer who never fails to bark endlessly whenever i reach my granny's place.