Saturday, January 31

I'm bored, I'm lazy.
No energy for going out or doing anything.
:( I'm diagnosed with the stay-at-home disease.

Omg, I'm actually staying at home today.
:( Sigh, I need to update my blogshop. It looks so dead right now.
Anyway, hope all of you have many hongbaos!
Mine hongbaos are getting lesser..
& I really dislike the feeling of relatives asking me this and that..

Wednesday, January 28

Bad day

I'm having an awful day,
Back to sg, headache,diarrhea,cramps.
Especially my atrocious cramps! They are like killing me.
& I acted like a spoiled child to let mummy massage on my stomach :X
Okay, I know i'm acting like a baby but mummy is always the best!
Aw, I love her :)

Happy niu year!

I want to have a ride on this!

Before setting off for reunion dinner.
Alright, I'm finally back in sg!
Msia Trip: Malacca/KL/Muar:
First destination of the day : Bee Museum,
Gosh, the more I look at this, the more goosebumps I have!
My WONDERFUL mummy! (KL tower)
Beautiful artistic drawings!
You'll see this when you visit the KL tower, I find it kinda lame -.-
Cute right? I wondering why isn't there any cow? LOL
Overall, I only managed to bought these and a teeshirt :(

Ah, So I had a boring new year trip to msia, have been to msia like umpteen times, Yeah. Boring!
:( I want to go shopping and update my blog shop.

You spin this heart of mine.


Sunday, January 25

Out to the Beach

Oh, I swear i loathe the sun!
I got freaking tann right now after the shoot and beach outing with B&co.
Oh god! I'm leaving later at 5am to malaysia. :(
My fair skin, could you come back to me..

While on my way to sentosa for bikini shoot,
Krislyn, Jasmine :)
Pearl, Yuki :)
Our uber friendly chick, Jasmine.

Friday, January 23

I've been coping myself at home :(
Just feels so lazy to go out.
Even when its gonna be somewhere nearby.
Uncle actually found me a job by being his admin.
I'm proud of myself because I finished everything within an hour!

I haven't been meeting baby like so long..
I miss his craps and nonsense though we haven't been good this days.

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Thanks, lovee you!

Oh wynny, I miss those crazy days with her @ shin.
Cheerup and you know I love you!


Thursday, January 22

Last minute, Republic called me down for an interview.
Though I'm really anxious and I stumbler during the interview.
Oh, But I hope they would ring me up :)

More pictures for Gatsby,

Tuesday, January 20

Tears beginning to well up in my eyes.
I'm a bad daughter, such a spoilt brat.
I've been coping myself at home this few days.
Stuck on serial show. Mom still treated me really nice.
Until this morning, she kept repeating about my studies.
I feels that I've been running away from the fact.
I couldn't get to any poly despite appealing. 
Now is 9 in the morning, I couldn't get to sleep.
I'm really stuck. Disappointed in myself.
I always give mom hopeless thoughts.
Mom have been the only pole that i could rely on.
But I realize that I've been depending on her too much..
I just couldn't imagine what if one day, I'm really going to lose her.
I need a breakaway, cycling activity could be good.
Other than crying now, I really don't know what to do.
Have been thinking hard about my future but still I'm lazy to get the actions done.

..... mummy, i'm sorry, i'm really sorry for giving you so much hurt.
you've been working really hard in order to give me a good life but ive been taking things for granted......

Sunday, January 18


Had a gatsby event at zouk.
Overall, I had great fun.
But the security there are so shit. As some of the girls lost their belongings.

Anxiously touching up, ha.
The ten gatsby girls.
Esther, Angela.
Japanese client/Organiser.

Oh baby..
I'm wrong for not being understanding enough and taking things for granted..
But make sure you do what you promise.
One last chance for you..

Tuesday, January 13

Town with Ferlynn, Chomp chomp with B&co.
Doesn't she resembles Kit Chan?

They're on a drink competition! Haha.

Take a look at jiawei's funny face, (i'm so full!)

Karen had a bad bad bad day!

Just when the early sun greets me, mom's whining and nagging started off.
I was woken up by her continuously unwanted noise.
Right after that, I had a huge tiff with B.
And when the clock strikes 2 o'clock, O's results released.
Managed to improve by pathetically ONE mark.

Regrets began to overwhelmed every single part of my body.
One damn whole year was wasted.
Not only that, I dashed away my Mom's hopes.

Oh, Karen's sucha failure, sucha disappointment.

Lost of directions, very disheartened this time.
What the fuck was I doing around this year?
I always give up halfway and ended up with regrets.
I've no idea what to do next then i'll be able to make my mom happy.
All I want for 2009 is ..
Stop causing disappointment to my mom. She had worked hard enough to give me everything.
I really don't want to let her suffer again.

Always ended up with no actions done.
Karen ang, Please give her some happiness.

Mummy, I love you.
God, will you take me away to stop the agony I have caused to mummy.....

Sunday, January 11

09 didn't start off well,
For this moment, all the negative things are piercing through my thoughts.
Yes, I'm an unreasonable, demanding and selfish bitch.
Don't come near me cause you'll never have a good time.
Right now, I have been overwhelmed by something terrible, awful and untolerable.
(family,friends and you)

I'm tired,restless and speechless of hearing words out of your mouth.
It's still the same old phrase.

Friday, January 9

The brand new start,

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