Tuesday, January 20

Tears beginning to well up in my eyes.
I'm a bad daughter, such a spoilt brat.
I've been coping myself at home this few days.
Stuck on serial show. Mom still treated me really nice.
Until this morning, she kept repeating about my studies.
I feels that I've been running away from the fact.
I couldn't get to any poly despite appealing. 
Now is 9 in the morning, I couldn't get to sleep.
I'm really stuck. Disappointed in myself.
I always give mom hopeless thoughts.
Mom have been the only pole that i could rely on.
But I realize that I've been depending on her too much..
I just couldn't imagine what if one day, I'm really going to lose her.
I need a breakaway, cycling activity could be good.
Other than crying now, I really don't know what to do.
Have been thinking hard about my future but still I'm lazy to get the actions done.

..... mummy, i'm sorry, i'm really sorry for giving you so much hurt.
you've been working really hard in order to give me a good life but ive been taking things for granted......