Tuesday, November 24

Dearest friends <3

I miss the days.........

I miss the days with you girls.
Be it happy or sad times, you stand by me and walk me through.

My sweetest wonderful classmate in secondary school.
I've always keep this small incident in my heart.
One day, i was crying really badly in school..
And she said to me in a very serious tone, it really hurts my heart when i see you in this state!
I know you must be really surprised, but i do appreciate your teaching and guidance during secondary school.
I still remember you taught me how to make chocolates and even brought the ingredients to my place, how sweet~ ^^
Best regards to the both of you my dear! Thanks for the great heart and tolerance towards my bad attitude in school ;)

We've know each other for quite some time but you would always try to be there whenever i really need someone. I really love you bitch~
You're always trying to make me happy and i really miss those sleepover sessions with you honey! & Can we meet up decently instead of club? HAHAHA :x
It's been a long long time since we last catch up!
I used to run to you whenever problems came up to me and you're a great problem-solver.
Well, 'precious' is still hanging around my thoughts every now and then.
I really miss those crazy happening night-out with you.
When are we going to catch up again sweetheart?! ^^
First thing came to my mind was "Where have you been?!" HA!
I miss those happening days where all of us were laughing our lungs off.
Thanks for being a great friend!
My naughty little sister!
Have you vanished into thin air with gary?
Though we used to fight alot but deep inside you know you're my best lil sister! ^^
& I miss you badly.......
My pretty little sister, though we may have a little dispute over rosyfeminine.
Thanks for always being sucha understanding and wonderful lil girl~
I really hope you'll have full confidence for SITEX, jiayou ok (^o^)
You're my lil sister, you definitely can do it!
I love you dearest <3
I'm just a ring away, dial my number whenever you need me, jia.
Bitch, i really miss those days when we travel to work and having sleepover at my place!
Darn, O's are over so meet me up soon luv.
Thanks for being a good listener and great heart silly.
I love you sweetheart ^^

It's a bliss to meet the two of you, my sweethearts', sometimes we do run out of words to say to each other but deep inside we still care~
I miss the days when the both of us went shopping crazily and heart-heart talk with each other.
I want to go shopping with you soon my oh wynny!
Love you sweet.

You're the nicest sweety i've ever met.
Thanks for being there for me when i really needed someone!
We may not always be around for each other,
But i'll always try my very best to be there for you girls.
Thanks for filling my life with colors and wonders*
I'm just few rings away! :]


I've been eating alot..... ="(
I guess it's a very bad sign, been munching on chocolates and junks since i woke up from my beauty and sufficient sleep of 12 hours. Ha, i dread to go to school tomorrow!
Sometimes, I really wish to stay in my beautiful dreamland forever and ever.
A dreamland of wonders, fairytales and beautiful art pieces.
Never wish to wake up from there...
In fact, reality is full of complications and ugly truths.

In life, we often have to meet with different people.
True ones stayed, others would act as passer-bys' and walk out of our life.
But it often kept us wondering, because it's really difficult to find out what's really behind them..
That's why we always keep a distance between people in order to stay away from getting hurt.
I find it really hard to trust people, do you?
Some people seems to be wearing a mask every here and then.
We will never realize anything unless we have already fallen for it.
And then... the truth surfaced!

Saturday, November 21

You can't see my heart beating.

Life is like a roller-coaster, we depends on the railings, the seat-belts to hang on tight.
At times, we really want to let go of our hands and scream out loud for whatever problems we have..
We fail, we fall in order to learn how to stand up with stronger faith and determination again.

I’m terrified but I’m not leaving, know that I must must pass this test.
So just pull the trigger, shoot me and lemme fade away.

Thursday, November 19


12-15th Nov,

Panansonic LUMIX Roadshow at IMM.

IMM, it's freaking cold in there. Most of us were shivering in our 'attire'.

There's nothing much for us to do for the first 2 days so all we did was to explore their newest GF1 and take pictures ;)

Sharon :)

My prince charming^^, HAHAHA


Bikini 09(Powerhouse)

7th Nov, (Saturday)

Didn't really catch any sleep and went for Bikini Rehearsal at St James Powerhouse.

Shimin :)

Valerie :)

TOP5 for Bikini 2009 ^^