Tuesday, November 3

Bad cramps, bad headache, BAD DAY! :(

I woke up pretty early today, my headache was killing me!
But i didn't want to eat any of the pain killers.
So I went out for a short casting and finger-licking food at chomp chomp ^^
For sure, the delicacies filled my stomach but did not really cure my cramps and headache :"(
Bad cramps and headache caused a bad day..
I'm bored stiff staying at home but at the same time i'm lazy to step out of my place. Contradicting >.<
It's been raining full day, rain rain please go away and come another day!
Oh dear, I should be putting my head into those books, damn.
Another theory exam. Billions of words to get into my little tiny brain. LaughOutLoud.
I'm about to go crazy~