Tuesday, November 24


I've been eating alot..... ="(
I guess it's a very bad sign, been munching on chocolates and junks since i woke up from my beauty and sufficient sleep of 12 hours. Ha, i dread to go to school tomorrow!
Sometimes, I really wish to stay in my beautiful dreamland forever and ever.
A dreamland of wonders, fairytales and beautiful art pieces.
Never wish to wake up from there...
In fact, reality is full of complications and ugly truths.

In life, we often have to meet with different people.
True ones stayed, others would act as passer-bys' and walk out of our life.
But it often kept us wondering, because it's really difficult to find out what's really behind them..
That's why we always keep a distance between people in order to stay away from getting hurt.
I find it really hard to trust people, do you?
Some people seems to be wearing a mask every here and then.
We will never realize anything unless we have already fallen for it.
And then... the truth surfaced!