Friday, April 30

There's no guarantee that this life's easy♥

RHB Event at Bukit Panjang Plaza
Please do not laugh at my shoes, it doesn't belong to me! *giggles

Jamie Baby
Met Jiajia, Noelle & Cheek at Cathay for Movie
They are my little ones that never once fail to make me smile!

If the four of us were to grow up together, who would be the first to settle down?
This question often popped up on our mind.
So who do you think? HAHA!

Midget, it's supper time!

Thursday, April 29

Stuff Photoshoot(This Month's World Cup Edition)

This Month Stuff Magazine, 12 girls featured in World Cup Edition.

Behind the scenes, our unglam acts and cam-whoring hobby!

Finally on my way to the shooting, bad jam bad day!
Stupid Taxi Uncle brought me merry-go-round .
Sunlight, would you light up my life?
Let me see the happy moments in life
I'm loving my plaits

She's a funny girl!
This two sweeties, are always super high even without alcohol!
If you were to asked me, do i have any idea which team am I wearing?
I totally have got no idea.
I know nothing about Football, worst to say World Cup.

But well, now I know I'm representing France
Choco, Felicia, Valarie & Me

While we were waiting for our team to shoot, we can't stop taking pictures of our adorable outfit. (Mini Jersey)

Joanna, our team leader
After 13hours of shooting?
The shoot finally came to an end~