Sunday, April 18

Perfect I am not, but thankful for the one I've got♥[C]&[K]

Shopping spree at Bugis with lovely

It's been such a long while since the both of us went out together!
Though we may not know each other long enough, and
though we may have some small disputes but you know i still love you!
Met up pretty late, it was my first time to shop around Bugis for such a long period of time.
Both of us were rushing, the shops are all about to close.
But we are still taking our own sweet time to stroll around........

And we come to realize one thing,
we simply can't get enough of Tank top dress!! ♥♥

Well, girls don't you agree?
Tank top dress is the easiest thing to match!
Sweet casual
I'm starving, didn't eat anything since I woke up.
Headed over to Big Bird for my late dinner!
But sadly, no more curry chicken rice :(

She's my pretty boyfriend!
Seriously, one fine day I would turn into a lesbian!
HAHAHAHA, (-____-)

Hold my hand, and I walk you through the pain

Cute ribbon clip that I've bought!
One for $6 at Bugis street, but I still preferred Cheek's.

No eyebrows!
We happened to be wearing the same thing.
Tank top&Shorts.
Just different design!
It's awesome to shop with someone with the similar likings
And we bought many similar clothings.
I'm loving the kawaii denim dress!♥

Both of us had the same feeling, we knew we need to get home early.
But.... we just can't seem to get enough of each other's company.

We decided to take a long bus ride back to somewhere near our place

♥I'm loving her company!

My pretty boyfriend(Cheek),
School has started for you, so you better adjust your body clock if not your health would be deteriorating!
Sleep more, and meet me for such a lovely session soon
Love you deep deep worsxzxzx!