Thursday, April 1

23rd April, CBRE Event at Shangri-la Hotel♥

Out-of-date entry, bear with me readers.
Been really forgetful and lazy~
White pant-suit, the new sex.
My favorite color is always and forever WHITE
I'm falling in love with the white blazer.

Well, i think i would fell in love with anything as long as it's white?

While we were having breaks, met some nice&friendly chefs that allow us to devour up the small spoon of delicacies

Cheryl K, Sweety, had a nice sweet chat with you the other day!

Movie(Remember Me)
Khay was yawning, and sighing away throughout the whole movie.
I got slightly affected, and didn't have the heart to watch it =(
Well, the Movie was rather draggy, and the ending was kind of *expected.