Wednesday, April 21

Concorde Secretaries Fashion Show'10

One year ago, I was there.
Still pretty new, and unexperienced.
Intimidating thoughts.
But now..........
I'm thankful for the ones I've met, without them.
I'm not gonna be who I am today.

Can't stop cam-whoring while waiting for Vivien&Love
If you don't like it, then you better click on the [x]
Hate me/Love me, Your choice.

Lazybones, lying on baby's lap
Why is Vien looking so happy?
Taa-daah, finally got her fringe trimmed!

But still, you can't expect much from something that's free.
Wo De Zui Ai,
I miss talking to you, our non-stop bitching about guys.

Thanks for your sweet concern everytime!

HAHAHA, big head VS small head!

We miss your craps babe!

Poor darling hafta steam iron clothes for us, while we sitting down and chit-chatting!
Thanks lovely♥

P/S: I miss working with all my lovelies, all the crapping&bitching sessions! I love you girls, ♥♥♥