Monday, September 29

Tryin to analyze every angle, situation.
Tryin to find an explaination.
Cause it's gettin aggrivating.
Same spot, I've been lonely, drowning.

I'm sucha disappointment to myself and mom!

Sunday, September 28

Birthday's over.
Celebrated in shin on tuesday.
Seriously, that night was really crazy.
Recieved lots of presents.
One thing really touched me from shin was the birthday card written by every waitress.
Thats really nice of them (:
Wednesday was working also.
A nice friend of mine was really nice to surprise me by bringing a cake down.
Thursday, Movie,Fish&co. A surprised cake for me&yw (:
Friday, yw&friends came down for his birthday celebration but..
Fucked up tables. Think about it really pissed me off.
Fine. All i can say is 18th birthday was awesome!

I'm sure i gonna miss eileenboey&wynny the most.

Slowly, i realised how much love can brings.
There are one thing i've to face real soon.
Some heartaching stuff thats gonna bring hatred and tears.

I wants you to be loved happily.
Going through such hardship isn't worth for you girl.
Think hard. You deserve someone much better.

Saturday, September 20

Haven't been feeling good.
Been working and working like crazy.
Finally.. Gonna quit during end of sept. And it's really time to study!
A month for me to mug? Aye. Jus fuck everything.
Nothing and nothing seems to be going well for me.
I just don't have the right frame of mind for anything right now.
I miss cycling, strolling by the beach. Some things that can stop my mind from thinking.
I really miss those days, when all of the girls were together.
Now everyone seems to be on separate paths.. Some stayed some left.
I realised life is full of farewells.

My 18th birthday's finally coming. On the 25th.
I'm really looking forward to it.
One thing for sure, tears and drunk.

There're like plenty of things i wanna get.
Some rewarding present for myself. I think that can really cheers my day.

Tuesday, September 9



Mambo jumbo night.Charlene.


Ang's family.

Thanks for always being there for me!
Night out at lower seletar.
I never knew that taking pictures with her could be sucha bliss.


After so long... Ohhhhh Huixian!