Thursday, July 30

Every breath it's harder to believe....

'When life turns lemon, make a lemonade'

BKK Thailand Trip

I fled to BKK last week, with my dearest mommy!

Happily setting off to BKK, it was a rainy day at BKK.

Fascinating sunglasses that caught my eyes, couldn't resist but to take a picture of them.
Aren't they cute? HA!

Half-day City Tour,

Gosh, looked at the fishes! They were all fighting for food. If you were there, their mouth are really huge!! I swear.

This place reminds me of Purple.
Last year, I was there with him&all of them but now he's gone for good :(

Thailand Famous Ahgua's Show.
They're really sexy man! :x

She was trying to make the guy to massage her breasts but the guy didn't want to.
So.. She rubbed her breasts with her head. HAHAHA. This was hilarious.

Last day,
Ta-daah. Home sweet home! :)

Imagine.. Having a huge tiff with your mommy on a holiday despite saving up some money for her. I switched hotel rooms for the forth time then everything managed to went smoothly.
Darn, first room, the room key wasn't working so I switched into another one. Hoping not to get such cornered room but.. mostly was left with the cornered room.
Left with no choice, we went up. Everything seems fine.
But when we get back during the night, the room light couldn't stop blinking.
Scary right? Goosebumps were all appearing! T.T
Luckily, we managed to get a better room for the fourth time and everything went fine for the last two nights.

Even though, both of us didn't manage to go many places. But, i would really want to give a big hug to my mommy! :) I love you.
Thanks for taking off so many days just to bring me to BKK for shopping spree.

Wednesday, July 15