Wednesday, March 31

Hotstuff Magazine (Manstuff)

Featured in March issue Manstuff
Theme: Rocker chick
The makeup was rather out of the ordinary and exotic.
A theme that is totally out of my character and style.
But overall, It was quite a challenging and fun shoot ;)
I bet that i am gonna receive many negative comments about the photos =(

I've got a copy, how about you? =p

Saturday, March 27

Friends are the one who cheers you up, and light up your life.

After third day of roadshow, regardless of the exhausment and sticky body.
Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe, 12th element&Movie(Kidnapper)

They are the simple ones that would lighten up my day

Amusing act!
Align Center
This picture is cute isn't it. HAHAHA
But still, not sincere at all............... =P

Where's my noellewong~
Sorry dear, for ps-ing you girls on Friday!
Iloveyou deep deep worxzzxs! ♥♥

Sunday, March 21

Stuff Photoshoot(Gadget Girl)

Stuff Photoshoot,
Nice&friendly people I've worked with,
Love for nice enough to check the environment there before rushing off.
Thanks laogong!

Saturday, March 20

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

Bottle-tree park Beer Garden,
Fish&Chips for dinner.
Nice chill-out place but sadly the things there are really expensive!

Initially, we went to Orchid Country Club as I have already reserve the lane.
Unfortunately, for my sotong brain, it was actually.....
at Safra Country Club.
Finally, a day with planned activity!
Regardless of the long starving wait at home.
Laughs, the ball is rolling towards the drain!
Again........... T___T
This was slightly better? =P
First few rounds were warming up, t-hee.
Last round of game, i scored the highest! =)

They often pissed me off, but still they are the dearest to me
Friends are all about tolerating and accepting each other's flaws

Taaa-daaaah! Seeeee, i scored the HIGHEST
Last minute change of plan, Supperclub
It's been quite some time since I last hit a Club, and i really had an awesome night with my lovelies♥
It was our virgin night at Supperclub.
& I'm loving it!♥

Cmon people, let's dance towards the beautiful rhythms!