Monday, March 15

The enjoyment of life would be instantly gone if you removed the possibility of doing something♥

Town for Movie
Dinner, Sunset-grill at Seletar, a rather quiet and distant area.
But their Mushroom Soup are savouring♥♥

They have interesting spicy levels, you guys should give it a shot!
While we still have some time before our movie start....

The freaking long and exhausting stairs in between Cathay and Plaza Singapura.
Totally running out of breath when i reached the top!

Cute bicycle that caught my sight, i love the basket design esp; roses♥♥

Nowhere else in mind, Timbre was closed when our Movie finally come to an end.
So Henderson Waves!

HAHA, as i was removing the Blings from my camera.
Khay suggested taking pictures with the Blings! Idiot right -_-

But, now my camera looked really ugly with the sticky thing =(

Lastly, i should end my post with this idiotic friend of mine who always and never fail to make me laugh! HAHAHA.