Tuesday, March 9

SE Media Conference

It was on a sunny Tuesday, totally burned after a tiring day on the day before.
Dragged myself out of bed, and rushed down to Sentosa once again T_T
Resort World Hotel, briefing and media conference which started at late afternoon.
Surprised to see breakfast deluxe on the dining table, thanks mommy for brighten my day!


After our fulling lunch, while we were happily rushing back to Resort World Hotel...
My slippers snapped off!
And all the way, i was trying to slide my way off to RWH.
But i was unable to catch up the flow and finally decided to walk barefoot =(

I was still smiling happily, without knowing that sucha unlucky thing would happen aftermath! =(

But, it was an enjoyable and wonderful time working with the lovelies

Why are all the unlucky things happening on me?

Thanks lovely for your orange juice! ♥♥
Secret corner, for us to take a break while waiting for the talk to be over.
It was freezing in here, the air-con seems to be really low-priced.

Uh oh. Missy Sharon caught sleeping!
Capella Hotel when the night falls, we were lucky to see Wonder Girls performance for free!

The entire event only managed to end around 10, I was ushering the guests outside the lift.
Initially, there weren't much guests, and i seems to be acting stupidly without realizing the surveillance camera was directly in front of me!