Friday, March 12

True friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half cracked♥

Alice In Wonderland(3D) with my dearest girls.
It was BONG's first time catching a 3D Movie, and she kept saying 'MUST TAKE THE SPECS'
Well, my dear girl....... HAHAHA =p
But she actually fell asleep throughout the entire show?

For my opinion, Alice In Wonderland is not that bad afterall, i love fairytales
You guys must be thinking that 'I'm really a Movie freak huh' (T_T)
Well, movies kill time, and there's nothing better to do in Singapore?
(excluding the casino, and drinking places of course)

Yay, my hair is growing longer and longer! ♥♥♥
Short and sweet photo-taking session for Jia's blogshop, and I never doubt my camera skills.
T-heeeeee ;)

Look at the distance between us, we were speeding off to the cinema while the two lil queens strolling at the back! Hahaha.

They are my sweet lil pies
Cheek, the superb late queen!
Lil dearest sister
Lastly, Newton supper time =D
I realized there are a lot of things for us to talk about throughout the entire night..
The funs, laughters and tears we shared