Saturday, March 13

I miss those days when we pour our heart towards each other but.....

It's a Saturday!
Far East, Orchard Central Roof Garden, Explorer & Mr Bean.

Guess what, while we were happily walking to Far East, Aaron caught us holding hands.
HAHA, "So sweet"
I felt like a Big sister bringing my Lil sister out but the feeling was really sweet

As told by BONG: 2years ago's Smiles, *scratch my head

Sweet slice of life, Mango madness

We ran out of places in mind, so we decided to explore orchard central roof garden.
Windless, we were sweating even before our CRAZY act.

Will you, dance with me? And be in my dreams?

HAHAHAH, Jumping shots ^^

I really miss those days when we pour our heart towards each other but why didn't I heed your advices and ended up in such a situation right now.....
I regretted giving up you girls last year, you girls're the dearest to me
I urge those days to come back to me! T_T
And i really hate it whenever i threw my temper at you, I'm sorry darling

Those laughters and tears that we shared will never ever be forgotten!

Explorer, and I swear i only drank a little &my whole body went red =(

Andy's ride, with many LED lights.
I love you, my darling girl