Saturday, March 20

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

Bottle-tree park Beer Garden,
Fish&Chips for dinner.
Nice chill-out place but sadly the things there are really expensive!

Initially, we went to Orchid Country Club as I have already reserve the lane.
Unfortunately, for my sotong brain, it was actually.....
at Safra Country Club.
Finally, a day with planned activity!
Regardless of the long starving wait at home.
Laughs, the ball is rolling towards the drain!
Again........... T___T
This was slightly better? =P
First few rounds were warming up, t-hee.
Last round of game, i scored the highest! =)

They often pissed me off, but still they are the dearest to me
Friends are all about tolerating and accepting each other's flaws

Taaa-daaaah! Seeeee, i scored the HIGHEST
Last minute change of plan, Supperclub
It's been quite some time since I last hit a Club, and i really had an awesome night with my lovelies♥
It was our virgin night at Supperclub.
& I'm loving it!♥

Cmon people, let's dance towards the beautiful rhythms!