Tuesday, December 29

Carlsberg Wish In A Bottle

26th December,

Carlsberg Wish In A Bottle at Clarke Quay Bungy Ride.
98.7 Muttons To Mid-Night
First part of the game, person whom drank most of the beer wins!

Trying very hard to pump the beer!

Ta-daaah, mine won! ^^
Second part of the game, person whom got him/herself most drenched lose.
Surprisingly, the lady won!
Santarinas were to sit the bungy rides with the participants! Scary isn't it.

The News Paper on 27th Dec.

Sunday, December 27

Christmas Eve ♥

24th December, HOHOHO Merry merry christmas! ^^

Stayed at home for the whole day, was feeling superb lazy to even step out of my place.
Sabai sabai to meet up with Jia,Noelle&friends.
I couldn't imagine myself spending my countdown smoking outside sabai with kangyuan -.-
Both of us were like "hey, merry christmas"
It's been a long year, and its my first time celebrating xmas with cheek&jiajia but is also my second time with noellewong!

Cheek, where were you?!! =p
& That's my sweetest lil sister!
The only way to kill our boredom was to snap pictures ;)

Where's my cheek?! >(

Finally arrived! -.-

This is definitely my sweetest xmas ever!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Guess this was the first time the four of us actually club together and it turned out to be awesome babes

I love you girls!