Sunday, December 27

Christmas Eve ♥

24th December, HOHOHO Merry merry christmas! ^^

Stayed at home for the whole day, was feeling superb lazy to even step out of my place.
Sabai sabai to meet up with Jia,Noelle&friends.
I couldn't imagine myself spending my countdown smoking outside sabai with kangyuan -.-
Both of us were like "hey, merry christmas"
It's been a long year, and its my first time celebrating xmas with cheek&jiajia but is also my second time with noellewong!

Cheek, where were you?!! =p
& That's my sweetest lil sister!
The only way to kill our boredom was to snap pictures ;)

Where's my cheek?! >(

Finally arrived! -.-

This is definitely my sweetest xmas ever!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Guess this was the first time the four of us actually club together and it turned out to be awesome babes

I love you girls!