Wednesday, December 16

Flea Market at Youth Park

11th Dec, Friday
Flea Market at Scape Youth Park

Woke up really early to get things ready and set off to Youth Park.
Starting of the day wasn't that great, we couldn't get the racks fixed.
But we were really lucky to bump into Jiawei&Alwin! Haha, and the both of us just threw the responsibility of fixing the racks to them =x

As usual, cheek&noelle the two late queens only managed to arrive after evening.

Most of us were sweating profusely due to the long hours under the sun,
So i decided to go home to get a quick bathe.

Movie, Zombieland
Cheek was my boyfriend for that 'special night'
Cheek, please shows more emotions next time okay! Sorry for grabbing your hand so tight. =x

It has been a long period of time since the four of us rarely have the chance to hang out together, and it turned out to be a wonderful and contented night! <3