Thursday, December 3

Aint a doll, this isn't a doll-house.

December has arrived!
Xmas is coming, a brand new year is also coming!

1st Dec,

Shin, Atlantis and last stop Nana.
Oh.. Wynny ^^

It was a crazy night out with all the ladies, i definitely gonna miss you all!
I dozed off once i'm on my way back.
Right now, I'm having heavy eye-bag and dark rings :(

26th Nov, Thursday.
It was a long and tiring journey for me on that day.
Panansonic roadshow, casting and Azzura.
But the music there was great and it kinda brought me back to life. Lol :x

PhillipMorres at Azzura



Shimin, Sharon ^^

All of us looked really excited for the event but... we ended up rotting upstairs -.-
It was very happening and lively downstairs, people were thrown into the swimming pool and all of us can only looked at 'how happening it were' from the balcony!
Most of us were afraid that we might ended up like one of the drenched girl in the pool. :(

Contest pictures at IMM.
Thanks for the sweet surprise(roses&chocs)! (^^,)