Sunday, April 27

I want something real.

Hi. Im back. Didnt really take alot of pictures nowadays.
Lazy to charge digital cam and lazy to upload.
Motorola phone sucks. I think its partly because walking here and there and bang here and there.
Keep auto switch off. Damn, when can ive a nice phone.
I think its time for me to visit the doctor and get some sleeping pills.
Only when i see the sun is up, then i'm able to sleep.
It was very nice of mom to cook me my favourite chicken rice right now.
Well, the smell is aaweesome! Yumyum.
When i watch tv, and saw those artistes in class.
I miss school so badly. I need a school to discipline me!

I want to be love by someone i really love.
Someone to control me, someone to change me completely.
I want something real. Something which i never ever felt before.
Someone who i can feels the sparks going on.

Can you see my guanyin's pimple? Its so big and painful.

I think i look like some catwoman here. HA. The cute lil girl.

Two cute lil girls.

I find this picture really cute!

They brought me to some kuku places which i cant remember the name.

Thanks for the roses, it was beautiful.

But well, i'm sorry.

Tuesday, April 22

Alright, ive a little problem right now.
A little, dont know what's actually on my mind.
A little too rash.
A little too weird.
A little too contradicting.
Everything add up, turns up a big problem!
What precious aw said was quite right.
I get what you mean actually.
Jus that you know, a little..... like dont know what the fuck's on my mind or heart.
Im like super uber contradicting!

I seriously, hate to see my dad in this way.
But there's nothing i can do! ):
No matter what, he's still really dotes on me.

Monday, April 21

Well, i went out after that emo night.
Went to find panzy&co at javiour's place.
His place was awesome! Regret not bringing my digital cam.
Slacked awhile and panzy& me headed home together.
Its been awhile since we last met and all the craps are back!
Once i stepped in my house,mom was like singing again..
Nagged and nagged. I know im like an infillial daughter.
Sometimes just hope to give her a hug and tell her 'sorry'.
But yeah, i still wondering why i didnt do it.

Alright, woke up at 7pm on sunday.
Went to work straight. The crowd was not bad.
I didnt really drink! (: 'Proud' of myself.

Town with noellewong.

This car is beautiful!

Chill-out at starbucks,

I dont think she've good camera skills!

Noellewong with my bag,
And me, with her kuku bag.
Back to amk kpool, this is the uber funny guy, cedric!

17th of april, (thursday)

Consecutive 3days drunk, my gastric couldn't hang on so i went to gh.
On drip for a couple of hours.
I should really stop drinking!

Sunday, April 20

Overwhelmed by loneliness.
Tears rolled down while im on my way home.
No urge to call anyone, just have the urge to cry out loud.
Cry out all my misery, unhappiness and all.
Ive no idea what's going wrong in me.
It all just happened so sudden.
I guess its all because, all my close girlfriends are attached while im......
Afterall, it doesnt pay to be nice.
I'll just be left behind alone once again.
So just fucking fuck it.
I dont want to be understanding anymore.
I just fucking feels like throwing temper at everyone and walk away.

Its time for me to think for myself and be independent.
Im not gonna depend on anyone anymore.
No more! Seriously, just fuck this shits!

Saturday, April 19

I cant sleep so i decided to blog my late updates (:

11th of april,

Beach rd, haji lane, bugis, town and lastly clinic.

Clinic, adelia's small birthday celebration!
The girls!
Girlgirl and yeelin.
The 19th birthday girl!

Well, hope she enjoyed that very night out! (:

13th of april,
Hougang plaza,jalan kayu and yishun dam.
Before accident,

Failed to take the picture of him accident.

Look at his ah-pek face! Ha.