Tuesday, April 15

6th of april(sunday),

Punggol end.
All time favourites, red-bull & strawberry cheesecake!

Look at her retarded face.

Smoke smoke smoke machine.
The gay-partners!

Take a look at melvin's face!

Coooookie&cream chocolate (:

She's my new addiction.
Thanks melvin for stopping at the highway in order to let us take pictures!

It's beautiful..

The night scene..
We went hougang plaza at first but due to my idiotic mouth, we cant get in.
Alright, the security asked noelle, when's her birthday and noelle said february..
She stopped so i quickly uttered out 30th. Then i realised there's no 30th in feb!
I dont even know why i suddenly popped out the 30th.
We ended up at east coast.

And some 24hours Hk Cafe for breakfast.

I find these two pictures superb funny.

After breakfast, home sweet home (:
Noelle came my house and stayover.
She claimed that she can't sleep yet she fall asleep before me.
Alright, the next day was some "loan sharks" knocking at my door/window.
I jumped up from my bed and opened the door. It totally freaked me out at first.
Ended up it was yangsi&co.
First time someone bombed my phone 40+ missed calls.
But too bad, my phone was charging so im not aware about it.
Went town for movie with them. Catched Flood. I think it's a great show.
Then we went to geylang for some soyabean&beancurd.
Aftermath, to some kuku punggol end which caused alot of mosquitoes bites on my leg.
After punggol end, home sweet home.
Well, i had a great day with all of them!

Ben&jerry's night.
Newton circle for dinner.

Marcsen's place for chill-out session.

MOS night II.