Monday, April 21

Well, i went out after that emo night.
Went to find panzy&co at javiour's place.
His place was awesome! Regret not bringing my digital cam.
Slacked awhile and panzy& me headed home together.
Its been awhile since we last met and all the craps are back!
Once i stepped in my house,mom was like singing again..
Nagged and nagged. I know im like an infillial daughter.
Sometimes just hope to give her a hug and tell her 'sorry'.
But yeah, i still wondering why i didnt do it.

Alright, woke up at 7pm on sunday.
Went to work straight. The crowd was not bad.
I didnt really drink! (: 'Proud' of myself.

Town with noellewong.

This car is beautiful!

Chill-out at starbucks,

I dont think she've good camera skills!

Noellewong with my bag,
And me, with her kuku bag.
Back to amk kpool, this is the uber funny guy, cedric!

17th of april, (thursday)

Consecutive 3days drunk, my gastric couldn't hang on so i went to gh.
On drip for a couple of hours.
I should really stop drinking!