Saturday, April 5

Finally, all the pictures!

It took me hours to update due to my lousy computer.
Darn, seriously, i wanna throw it away man!
Alright, pictures time & there are more to come [:

Wednesday, (swimswimswim at marcsen's place)
Smoke smoke smoke machine.

& Here comes,my dicky face.


After swimming,we headed to some HK cafe near marcsen's place and home.
Tuesday, (Shisha night)

Im trying very hard to break the game but still, i failed!

Thanks for taking this dumb picture, ha!


Jasline's birthday party at Gallery Hotel! (Saturday)
The pretty sweet 21st birthday girl.

Im loving this little girl of mine! (noellewongboonsze)
Fuck,ive got wrinkles here.

Candy,(at yishun dam)