Monday, April 14

Late updates.

10th of april,

Thats the only thing i can do by telling her i really cares.

Thats my 70+ granny!

Im finally back from malaysia! (:
And im really upset over granny's matter.
She cant recognise anyone at all, the only thing she talked about is "pun".
Fuck my uncle seriously!
I dont understand why there's sucha cruel person in this world.
Fuck it. Holding her hand,feeding her is the only things i can do for her.
I just hoping that she'll leave in peace..

4th of april,

Movie at town,pool at parklane, supper and home.

Ghostly me.
The hip-hop andy.


The combined hip-hop guys!

3rd of april,

Class bbq chalet,movie and MOS.


Supper time!

XingWah cafe after movie.

Chalet at aranda country club,

Jas ting.

Thats my OHX (:

We were really bored....

Brandon,tiongteck and jas.
My ex-class mates!
The guys were bbq-ing while the girls were waiting.
Jas and ohx.
Happy advanced birthday celebration to Mdm Soo(ex form teacher)

Sweet married couple(: