Wednesday, April 9

Family bond..

Its been a whole week since i last slept in the night.
Im so gonna adjust my sleeping time back.
I'll be leaving for malaysia with my mom in afew hours time.

Granny's in coma, sigh. Though i only seen her for like less than 20times?
But the bond is still there. So i really really hope she'll be fine.
Maybe this is what we always have to face. Oldies will eventually left when they need to.
Black hair always have to send white hair off.
Now im more afraid for my granny who's staying at the east side.
She's the one that brought me up and taking care of me since im young.
Those beatings,scoldings and everything. Though she often nagged but i still loves her alot.
I realised i haven't been a fillial daughter nor a grand-daughter.
Even though i would always buy her favourite fruits to her whenever i visited her.
But we cant really communicate cause i dont really understand what she's saying.
Ive poor hokkien so its really hard to communicate when my aunt isnt around.
I really really dont wish to lose anyone thats dearest to me.
Im weak in losing people.
I really hope both of my granny will live a long life, seeing me marry and blah blah.
Nothing is impossible right?
I dont wish them to go with worries so im so gonna be a good granddaughter and daughter.
I know ive been saying these for like million of times but no actions seen.
Alright, i should really start on it right now!