Thursday, February 28

Photos for batam trip (new year)

Show begins ....

Dancing around,
Trying to use his mouth bite off the coconut "casing"?

Yeah, he did it.
He's trying to put the flame thing in his mouth.
Smoke coming out from his mouth! Oh, man.
He's eating glasses, i really heard the "crack" sound.
The person have to go through the ring, he did it! But i didnt manage to snap it. He was too fast.

Wednesday, February 27

Some pictures that i steal from precious's blog.
Yeah, im back home early today.
Went rebond soon after im awake cause i was late.
And noellewong was nice to wait there.
Its good in another way also, it test your patience bodoh. HA!
Halfway, panzy came. As i was doing colour & rebond so it took longer time.
& the both of them was making noise. HAHA.
Okay, big claps to them for waiting for me (:
Afterwhich, headed to big s for dinner.
Then me & noelle headed to hub for movie. Bumped into hx & she's nice to lend us the nebo card.
We catched the Cj7. Its like so touching & cruel noelle didnt cry!
I was like.. burst into tears! While she was happily laughing at me. Wtf.
Ahahas. It was a nice show though the ending abit cock.
Then we headed to kpool as usual. Noelle thrased me like...........
Arr. Fuck, my pool skills did improve cause i won her one round!
& She's like some expert right now which makes me dont feel like playing with her. HA! Jk.
Now its like some of my friends are having relationship problems.
But im feeling so dick, i dno why also.
I suddenly hate seeing couples on street. LOL
Okay, im acting stupid. But i seriously think that r/s are shits to me right now.
Maybe cause i dont really know how to handle one.
But yes. Whatever. I jus hope they'll be alright and have one smooth r/s!
Just dont worry be happy!

Tuesday, February 26

Libra reading for march! Its quite true.
Nyer & my grandma (:

Pretty long ago snapshot by beebee!

Alright. Mom connected back my internet without telling me.
I only got to know today, she reconnected for like 2weeks without telling me!
Never mind, at least now it kills my boredom.
I went home only at 9 in the morning today, slept til 7plus.
Went boat quay collect pay & clarke quay for dinner.
The japanese pasta there was not bad, but the grapefruit juice sucks. Its so sour&bitter.
Pictures will be uploaded by precious. Lol.
After dinner, slacked around and home sweet home.
Im so tired, whole body aches! Lucky gobbled down some panandol & im feeling better.
Well, i removed all my extendsions by ayw.
It hurted! Im still thinking whether to extend or not.
Waste money? Pain/gao-wei? Oh man.
I think i really have difficulty in making choices.
Im gg to rebond once again. My hair sucks right now. So short and .. Messy!
4th of april will be gg to kl with company and precious is with me (:
How great it gonna be! Somemore im gg the zouk at kl.
Woah, thats really cool. Im really looking forward to it!

Monday, February 18

Im back in raiders.
Its really boring & im trying my best to pull customers down on wed(grand closing).
So yea, people out there. Please kindly come down on wed support shin8 and me! (:

Alright, now im sitting in the middle of zy&yw.
They're playing dota while im repeating the same song.
Its really nice! And i cant find the lyrics. So shit.
Im turning emo mode once again, read the message that yw texted zy.
Brotherhood is really strong. Really touched over it.
Well, while mine sistership is like shit. I dunno whether to laugh or what.

Alright, im not saying you precious, cause i know you gna kill me for this.
Ive so much things to say to you,though i cant recall when we met each other.
But.. well, we really walked a long way. Through thick&thin, we walked it through.
Though sometimes we've communication breakdown but we still gave in.
Though i know sometimes the both are us are really pissed with each other but in the end we're still fine. Lol.
Whenever you cry, i'll be there for you.
And whenever i'm down, you'll be there for me.
You're leaving on friday right? I so gna miss you.
Im sorry that im unable to go with you, i just wna treat my mom better.

And for you, my dearest genn.
Though sometimes you really pissed me off.
But im really sorry for the attitude and all (:
And please remember you're someone with phone okay. HA!
I love the both of you! (:

For the guys, (zy,yw,leonard)
Especially zy, i really hold my gratitude to you for accompanying me all these while.
Sorry for pissing you off at times (:
Yw, surprisingly you cried with me before. The tears,piggy-backs.
Leon, you're damn dumb&gay but still you're my brod.
Alamak, i jus dno what to say but im really glad to have you guys.

I realised i lost alot of friends, be it misunderstandings or whatever.
From now on, i really just wna treasure what ive.
Not gna said but not done. ( change for the better and yes! )
I dont wna lose anyone anymore, i dont think im able to take anymore blows.

Sunday, February 17

Im really happy today!
I finally bought myself the gucci strap and gucci wallet (:
Woohoo. But imagine 800 just fly off like that.
Never mind, money can be earn back.
My gastric isnt getting any better. It hurts whenever i woke up.
Sigh, wednesday will be the grand closing.
I doubt i'll continue it. If i gonna do so, i guess just as a part time.
Cause my gastric is really killing me & im really lazy to consult a doctor.
Anw, i celebrate my valentine by hanging out with wc in the afternoon.
I guess he hate me, becos i made him so paiseh.
He bought me one stalk of rose & one box with 3 fake roses and one last thing!
A $100 voucher from expressions. Cause wc happened to walked pass them and they pulled him for a lucky draw. HAHA, he was really paiseh.
But.. Dont anyhow think. Cause we're just pure friends. As i know him for around 4-5yrs.
Ha, i still remember how we met each other, its through quarrels.
And in the end we became sucha good friends (:
In the evening, went back amk meet up the others for movie.
Jumper is an uber nice show! How i wish i can jump/move like him.
I think i'm dying without internet at home. Damn, its fuck bored.
Im freezing in raiders -.- And ya, i cant recall back what did i do in the past few days.
I only know i've been town-ing for like almost everyday. Yes, its bore me.
And something cropped up yesterday. Its like dick man!
Seriously, i first time felt like im a maid. Haha, but now i realise zy&randall's pain.
Heh, im sorry guys. Please wake up and stop consuming that!

I still have many things undone. I thought that an overseas trip will sort out my thinking but it doesnt do any help at all.
Im at fault, i havent settle everything yet i ....
I shouldnt hurt anyone at all. Yes, lemme leave my love life alone then.
I think thats the best solution. Friends are enough.
Single is fun too! Heh heh. I want to be as happy as i can for the rest of the days.
Maybe its really time for me to make up a decision.
But my mind doesnt works well so i guesss i'll just slowly let time proves everything.
Yea, my same old favourite phrase.

Tuesday, February 12

I'm finally back.
I wanted to get back my internet connection but precious asked me to wait for the promotion thats coming up soon.
So yea, its really boring without internet at home.
Went batam on new year. 2days 1night.
The only thing i enjoyed is the massage, so powerful!
& The beautiful sea sight while on board.
The sea is really beautiful! I think i wanna go for some water sports.
But first ive to fight over my phobia. Yes, i wanna learn how to swim/dive!
Came back spore, met up with genn&precious for the other few days.
Was really fun hanging out with them as we didnt hang out for like ages...
All those craps,prata are back! :D
Went to catch Ah Long Pte Ltd with them.
Its a uber lame show seriously but overall its not bad la.
Alright, yesterday was hectic.
Zy& co came to shin8, they open jugs,liquor.
And i drank like mad -.- In the end i was uber drunk.
I keep running out for some hot bak kut teh but in the end i vomitted out all.
Keep vomitting those white foam?
My gastric is killing me. Till now, it still hurts.
Im kinda tired of this job alr, everyday drink,drank,drunk.
I hate to be drunk, the feeling is so terrible!
Lucky ytd have them to accompany and taking care.
Thanks brod & precious (:
I really glad that ive all these friends around me.
Especially panzy&yw. Yw actually piggyback me from upstairs to downstairs.
It was really exciting becos i thought i was falling as he's small size.
But he's really strong becos i didnt fall at all! Thats pretty shocking right?
Ha. I love you guys!
I had an hangover once again. Thoughts have been running through my mind.
Went court this morning, waited there for like 2-3hrs?
All of them are so excited to see denny. I guess denny was really happy to see them too.
Lx's having fever yet he insisted going there.
Thats brother-hood i guess. I admire their spirits and heart.
As usual, it postponed without any hearing.
Anyway, my n73 is spoiled. Fuck it seriously.
I gonna change a new phone soon but im still thinking which phone to change to.
Hmmm. I want a flip phone! But samsung's price drop very fast.
I gonna rest awhile right now, im so tired..

Friday, February 1

): my mind is in a whirl.
Later have to wake early for nafa registration.
Hoping things will be fine. Just thinking what course should i apply.
Confused mind, yes i'm fucking confused right now ):