Monday, February 18

Im back in raiders.
Its really boring & im trying my best to pull customers down on wed(grand closing).
So yea, people out there. Please kindly come down on wed support shin8 and me! (:

Alright, now im sitting in the middle of zy&yw.
They're playing dota while im repeating the same song.
Its really nice! And i cant find the lyrics. So shit.
Im turning emo mode once again, read the message that yw texted zy.
Brotherhood is really strong. Really touched over it.
Well, while mine sistership is like shit. I dunno whether to laugh or what.

Alright, im not saying you precious, cause i know you gna kill me for this.
Ive so much things to say to you,though i cant recall when we met each other.
But.. well, we really walked a long way. Through thick&thin, we walked it through.
Though sometimes we've communication breakdown but we still gave in.
Though i know sometimes the both are us are really pissed with each other but in the end we're still fine. Lol.
Whenever you cry, i'll be there for you.
And whenever i'm down, you'll be there for me.
You're leaving on friday right? I so gna miss you.
Im sorry that im unable to go with you, i just wna treat my mom better.

And for you, my dearest genn.
Though sometimes you really pissed me off.
But im really sorry for the attitude and all (:
And please remember you're someone with phone okay. HA!
I love the both of you! (:

For the guys, (zy,yw,leonard)
Especially zy, i really hold my gratitude to you for accompanying me all these while.
Sorry for pissing you off at times (:
Yw, surprisingly you cried with me before. The tears,piggy-backs.
Leon, you're damn dumb&gay but still you're my brod.
Alamak, i jus dno what to say but im really glad to have you guys.

I realised i lost alot of friends, be it misunderstandings or whatever.
From now on, i really just wna treasure what ive.
Not gna said but not done. ( change for the better and yes! )
I dont wna lose anyone anymore, i dont think im able to take anymore blows.