Tuesday, February 12

I'm finally back.
I wanted to get back my internet connection but precious asked me to wait for the promotion thats coming up soon.
So yea, its really boring without internet at home.
Went batam on new year. 2days 1night.
The only thing i enjoyed is the massage, so powerful!
& The beautiful sea sight while on board.
The sea is really beautiful! I think i wanna go for some water sports.
But first ive to fight over my phobia. Yes, i wanna learn how to swim/dive!
Came back spore, met up with genn&precious for the other few days.
Was really fun hanging out with them as we didnt hang out for like ages...
All those craps,prata are back! :D
Went to catch Ah Long Pte Ltd with them.
Its a uber lame show seriously but overall its not bad la.
Alright, yesterday was hectic.
Zy& co came to shin8, they open jugs,liquor.
And i drank like mad -.- In the end i was uber drunk.
I keep running out for some hot bak kut teh but in the end i vomitted out all.
Keep vomitting those white foam?
My gastric is killing me. Till now, it still hurts.
Im kinda tired of this job alr, everyday drink,drank,drunk.
I hate to be drunk, the feeling is so terrible!
Lucky ytd have them to accompany and taking care.
Thanks brod & precious (:
I really glad that ive all these friends around me.
Especially panzy&yw. Yw actually piggyback me from upstairs to downstairs.
It was really exciting becos i thought i was falling as he's small size.
But he's really strong becos i didnt fall at all! Thats pretty shocking right?
Ha. I love you guys!
I had an hangover once again. Thoughts have been running through my mind.
Went court this morning, waited there for like 2-3hrs?
All of them are so excited to see denny. I guess denny was really happy to see them too.
Lx's having fever yet he insisted going there.
Thats brother-hood i guess. I admire their spirits and heart.
As usual, it postponed without any hearing.
Anyway, my n73 is spoiled. Fuck it seriously.
I gonna change a new phone soon but im still thinking which phone to change to.
Hmmm. I want a flip phone! But samsung's price drop very fast.
I gonna rest awhile right now, im so tired..