Sunday, February 17

Im really happy today!
I finally bought myself the gucci strap and gucci wallet (:
Woohoo. But imagine 800 just fly off like that.
Never mind, money can be earn back.
My gastric isnt getting any better. It hurts whenever i woke up.
Sigh, wednesday will be the grand closing.
I doubt i'll continue it. If i gonna do so, i guess just as a part time.
Cause my gastric is really killing me & im really lazy to consult a doctor.
Anw, i celebrate my valentine by hanging out with wc in the afternoon.
I guess he hate me, becos i made him so paiseh.
He bought me one stalk of rose & one box with 3 fake roses and one last thing!
A $100 voucher from expressions. Cause wc happened to walked pass them and they pulled him for a lucky draw. HAHA, he was really paiseh.
But.. Dont anyhow think. Cause we're just pure friends. As i know him for around 4-5yrs.
Ha, i still remember how we met each other, its through quarrels.
And in the end we became sucha good friends (:
In the evening, went back amk meet up the others for movie.
Jumper is an uber nice show! How i wish i can jump/move like him.
I think i'm dying without internet at home. Damn, its fuck bored.
Im freezing in raiders -.- And ya, i cant recall back what did i do in the past few days.
I only know i've been town-ing for like almost everyday. Yes, its bore me.
And something cropped up yesterday. Its like dick man!
Seriously, i first time felt like im a maid. Haha, but now i realise zy&randall's pain.
Heh, im sorry guys. Please wake up and stop consuming that!

I still have many things undone. I thought that an overseas trip will sort out my thinking but it doesnt do any help at all.
Im at fault, i havent settle everything yet i ....
I shouldnt hurt anyone at all. Yes, lemme leave my love life alone then.
I think thats the best solution. Friends are enough.
Single is fun too! Heh heh. I want to be as happy as i can for the rest of the days.
Maybe its really time for me to make up a decision.
But my mind doesnt works well so i guesss i'll just slowly let time proves everything.
Yea, my same old favourite phrase.