Tuesday, February 26

Libra reading for march! Its quite true.
Nyer & my grandma (:

Pretty long ago snapshot by beebee!

Alright. Mom connected back my internet without telling me.
I only got to know today, she reconnected for like 2weeks without telling me!
Never mind, at least now it kills my boredom.
I went home only at 9 in the morning today, slept til 7plus.
Went boat quay collect pay & clarke quay for dinner.
The japanese pasta there was not bad, but the grapefruit juice sucks. Its so sour&bitter.
Pictures will be uploaded by precious. Lol.
After dinner, slacked around and home sweet home.
Im so tired, whole body aches! Lucky gobbled down some panandol & im feeling better.
Well, i removed all my extendsions by ayw.
It hurted! Im still thinking whether to extend or not.
Waste money? Pain/gao-wei? Oh man.
I think i really have difficulty in making choices.
Im gg to rebond once again. My hair sucks right now. So short and .. Messy!
4th of april will be gg to kl with company and precious is with me (:
How great it gonna be! Somemore im gg the zouk at kl.
Woah, thats really cool. Im really looking forward to it!