Wednesday, February 27

Some pictures that i steal from precious's blog.
Yeah, im back home early today.
Went rebond soon after im awake cause i was late.
And noellewong was nice to wait there.
Its good in another way also, it test your patience bodoh. HA!
Halfway, panzy came. As i was doing colour & rebond so it took longer time.
& the both of them was making noise. HAHA.
Okay, big claps to them for waiting for me (:
Afterwhich, headed to big s for dinner.
Then me & noelle headed to hub for movie. Bumped into hx & she's nice to lend us the nebo card.
We catched the Cj7. Its like so touching & cruel noelle didnt cry!
I was like.. burst into tears! While she was happily laughing at me. Wtf.
Ahahas. It was a nice show though the ending abit cock.
Then we headed to kpool as usual. Noelle thrased me like...........
Arr. Fuck, my pool skills did improve cause i won her one round!
& She's like some expert right now which makes me dont feel like playing with her. HA! Jk.
Now its like some of my friends are having relationship problems.
But im feeling so dick, i dno why also.
I suddenly hate seeing couples on street. LOL
Okay, im acting stupid. But i seriously think that r/s are shits to me right now.
Maybe cause i dont really know how to handle one.
But yes. Whatever. I jus hope they'll be alright and have one smooth r/s!
Just dont worry be happy!