Wednesday, December 16

You and me could write a bad romance.

Just got a deep cut on my kneecap by a number plate -.-
Bet you guys must be thinking how did i actually cut myself with a number plate?!
Seriously, i've no idea. Part of the number plate dropped off the road then i realized that i got a freaking deep cut.
Darn, pain and tears begin rolling down my cheek :"(
Thanks love&jojo for the bandage and iodine <3

Zoukout was a hectic night for me, everyone's enjoying the night with drinks and friends while all of us were super busy pasting tattoos on strangers.

I realized i seems to be running away from something, trying hard to dig my head into work.
Haven't been staying home recently, and even got myself so sick..
Migraine, cough and running nose :(
Money have been rolling in and out of my hands.
I should really stop spending money on cab fares and miscellaneous things!

Sometimes, we should slow down our pace and look back what we have missed....