Monday, March 8

Panasonic Media Conference

Woke up really early to Resort World Hotel for briefing, and headed to our next event at Wavehouse
The burning sun was killing that day.
I was still reluctant to be in the Bikini babes as we need to play FlowRide, and get our pictures shot by the crowd.
Eventually, i decided to give it a try!
2 Bikini babes, and 2 hunks.
Well, i definitely didn't stay long on the ride. It was really embarrassing.
The current was so strong that wearing a bikini is NEVER a wise choice for girls.
So we decided to hand over the job to the guys to enjoy their fruitful ride

I'm loving the sea breeze when the sun set its way off

A beautiful day that i spent in Sentosa!
Girls session with the usual lovelies aftermath