Thursday, March 4

My dreams are shattered but not forgotten...♥

3rd of March,
Movie, Happy Go Lucky on a Wednesday night
And, I don't know why I actually mistaken Happy Go Lucky as a Jackie Chan's Movie o.o
Hehehe, luckily it turned out not bad.
At first, when we walked into the cinema, I was already wondering how come they were showing Fann Wong.
It seems really wrong, and then I finally realize my mistake! Hahaha.
After spending ten bucks on the toy machine, finally able to catch this adorable baby minnie
The uncle was sooo "nice" to adjust the position of the toy, initially i really thought that he was going to give it to me -.-
Home-based Nails Extension and pedicure with Sharon
We spent the whole day there, eight hours of long wait.
It's still worthwhile and cheap! =p
Thanks Sharon!♥

Poor sharon looks like she's dying of boredom! Hahaha =p
2nd of March,
'Short getaway' to KL, a rather short and sweet visit to my granny.
Kopi session with love

Formal wear, the new sex
SGH visiting for our dear friend, we waited there for hours but still unable to bump into him or his girlfriend! Angry~

Swing swing swing~
HAHAHAH! Have you ever seen a TV that's half screen?
Tokyo Virginia Slims that love♥ bought, pretty right?
Thanks for the very pretty furry keychain love!♥♥♥
Marina barrage, definitely a good place for picnic&kite-flying!