Tuesday, July 14

Been too busy mugging for exams last few weeks.
Tough& stressful exams are finally over! It's gonna be a long holiday this time.
I've been spending my time over the television or outside.
The computer is just right infront of me but I'm too lazy to even give it a check.
My stomach cramps nearly kill me alive today, tossing around for hours without catching a wink.
Woke up in pain, gosh. Menses do create unnecessary troubles to girls :'((((

Been to the Dog Farm on Sunday!
The puppies there are really very superb duper aadorrableee! ^^

I really wish I could own one of the silky terrier there. Miniature&kawaii*
Ahhh, mommy.... 

Chin Huat Seafood Steamboat with wynny&friends :)

Notice: Rosyfeminine's relaunching soon! (((: