Tuesday, April 27

To be depressed is to be lonely, to have them is to be happy! ♥

Casting, Waraku and Bounty Hunter

Doesn't have a habit of sticking faux eyelashes.
Eyelash extensions still look more natural on me yea?
Guess the problem's on me.
Clumsy hands, ended up squeezing all of the glue on the faux eyelashes.
Screaming away and ended up looking into the mirror realizing how dumb I was.
Plucked up the faux lashes right aft casting, did you realize my lower lashes are actually longer than mine upper ones? :(
I'm so gonna get you, Skullcandy

You see, i'm lousy at sticking faux lashes!
Joanna sweet
My dearest love♥
Waraku with Amy&Love
& The Bounty Hunter next with Khay, and love!
Love's all about fate, what's yours will eventually come back to you.