Friday, April 2

They are the most important ingredients in this recipe of life♥

Kbox session with Cheek&Noelle
As usual, i'm the first to reach Amk Kbox :(

It's been years since i last stepped into Kbox.
And we totally forgotten that it was a Good Friday!
High expenses at Kbox T__T
Nevertheless, three of us had fun singing together ♥♥

Initially, we felt kinda shy towards each other.
Scared that my awful hoarse voice scare the two of them off. HAHA!

In the end, hack care only la!
All girls anyway

Spot something? T-hee!
Well, I still hope they doesn't think that my singing sounded awful T_T

Self-timer, 1st attempt
2nd attempt-
After Kbox, Dinner at Popeyes
I'm falling in love with the corns and fish.
You guys should try it, the fish tastes great~

Dessert time, ♥
Mango Milk Ice
Mango Sago

Aftermath, strolled around amk with no plans in mind.
Was feeling rather upset with a damn boring Friday!
But Koi Milk Tea makes me happy again!
Then, finally, jia came~
While Cheek left for her secret friend's birthday.
Three of us headed off to Serangoon O's Bar.

They are the most important ingredients in this recipe of life

Shall end my post with an irritating face of mine!