Thursday, April 1

25th-28th Panasonic Zest For Life Roadshow(Cineileisure)

4 torturous days under the burning hot sun (T___T)
Imagine, reaching roadshow smelling nice and comfy.
Within ten minutes, you find yourself sticky& worst smelly!
Nevertheless, i had so much fun working with the lovelies

Bet you can imagine how sweaty and hot I was, even bun-ed up my hair like an aunty!
Cries =(
Friday rehearsal, we were all sweating profusely inside the enclosed roadshow.
Worst of all, there's no fan and there isn't any wind blowing in.

Finally, all of us were well-prepared for the runway show~
Shall let the pictures do the talking

Most enjoyable roadshow, thanks to all the people below for making my day!

Unglam act, but we deserved a good break.
Take a break, gimme a kit-kat
Spent quite some money while working at Cineileisure.
Four days of Breakfast,Lunch&Dinner at Old-Town.
God, it burned a big hole in my wallet............
Sad to say that, but I'm really broke now!

Bought my Havaianas flip-flops, with $20 blings
Still, thanks for the rather surprise gift.