Friday, April 2

By plucking her petals, You do not gather the beauty of the flower♥

This day, this time i'm just gonna vent my anger and my sadness by typing endlessly.
I'm someone who would get easily affected, even if the smallest things were to happen on me.
Been getting nasty comments regarding my personality.
Though these people are unknowns, but it does affect me badly.
Often, i do questioned myself: 'Am I really that bad?'
To be silly, i've always like to ask my dear friends around me how they thought of me.
Well, i hope it's good in a way, as in, to change and alter for the better me.

I'm just trying to ease a little of my pain by typing here.
In fact, i've been suppressing my emotions deep inside.
I'm not feeling right, so not right.
With much regrets in my life, perhaps some think that it's really easy to move on happily.
I don't.
Today, now, this time I'm still stuck in my past.
All i could do now, is blame myself.
No one else to blame, it's all my bad.
I'm tearing while i'm typing now.........

Sometimes, it's better to live in dreams.
Dreams are always the opposite side of reality.

In life, the more you want things, the more you wouldn't get it.
我想我没那么坚强, 每个女孩其实一样, 渴望着爱情的好, 渴望被拥抱却都害怕爱让人受伤.
I should move on, i should be smiling happily, should be living everyday to the fullest.
But, something seems to be stopping me.
The song has ended, but the melody still lingers on.