Thursday, November 19

Butter Factory*

Been working everyday ever since last thursday.
Finally have time to blog Butter Factory pictures ^^

6th Nov, (Friday)
Ajisen Ramen with dearest BB*

We couldn't thought of anything else to do other than repeating taking stupid and silly faces!

While waiting for the guys to arrive -.-"

Martell, Champagne (T.T)
Drank a little bit and my face went red like a tomato.....
Yuewei :)

Highlight of the crazy night, HAHA. (OUR 'Gay girl-friend')

Karen&Friends: Hi, could you take a picture of us?
ButterFact Staff: Yes sure!
But he ended up taking a picture of himself! HAHAHA~

P/S: Dance towards the beautiful beat and gradually forget what's on your mind.