Saturday, January 3

Reaching out to 2009.

Oh, Happy new year people!
Let's throw away all the unhappy memories in 2008 and move on.
Only bring along the happy and memorable memories with you and move towards the new o9.
I had one rather simple celebration at Vivo.
I saw half of the fireworks due to the building and i really loathe crowded places.
So squeezy and.. heaty!
But it was really fun hanging out with the same old bunch of friends.
One whole year have passed, Time do flies. People do changed.
Just hoping my precious ones will still be by my side.
You know who you are. ;)

09's Resolutions :
  • Get a puppy and give commitment.
  • Its time to be one fillial girl.
  • Time to start school and study hard.
  • Surrender the unhealthy lifestyle.
I'll upload the picture soon, got to go..
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