Tuesday, January 13

Karen had a bad bad bad day!

Just when the early sun greets me, mom's whining and nagging started off.
I was woken up by her continuously unwanted noise.
Right after that, I had a huge tiff with B.
And when the clock strikes 2 o'clock, O's results released.
Managed to improve by pathetically ONE mark.

Regrets began to overwhelmed every single part of my body.
One damn whole year was wasted.
Not only that, I dashed away my Mom's hopes.

Oh, Karen's sucha failure, sucha disappointment.

Lost of directions, very disheartened this time.
What the fuck was I doing around this year?
I always give up halfway and ended up with regrets.
I've no idea what to do next then i'll be able to make my mom happy.
All I want for 2009 is ..
Stop causing disappointment to my mom. She had worked hard enough to give me everything.
I really don't want to let her suffer again.

Always ended up with no actions done.
Karen ang, Please give her some happiness.

Mummy, I love you.
God, will you take me away to stop the agony I have caused to mummy.....