Saturday, November 15

I finally got my Mac.
& Without windows,everything were like a little complicated for me.
O's are finally, a great sigh of relief!
Anyone who have jobs to introduce please approach me (:
Cause i'm rotting at home almost everyday.

Sept25th. Yw&my birthday surprise.

I was molested!

Yvonne :)

"S" Brothers.
Chanel :)
Willie & gary.
Jenny :)

Angelia :)

The fab lady,eve :)

Kelly :)

Carol, We celebrated our birthday tgt.

I've no idea what's going on with my eyes.

My Lesbian love, Eileen.

Cecilia! :)

Prettiest girl in shin, joann.

Gina :)
I think she would definitely kill me if she sees this.


Tammy :)

& Here's my bitch, Wynny :)
Casey :)

Overall, That night was awesome! I love all of the girls.

Nyer who never fails to bark endlessly whenever i reach my granny's place.