Saturday, October 25

& I definitely need a thoroughly change in my life .
I'm extremely tired and at the same time losing my strength for the things around me.
I really hope you'll be able to wake up before i totally give up in changing you into a much better person....

Things with mommy are much more better now despite the bad temper of mine.
:D & I'm happy as i do looked forward back home nowadays.
I'm finally getting my whitywhity Macbook!
As,Mommy is always the greatest person. T-hee.

Plenty of things I really wants/to do after o's;

* Strolling by the beach hand in hand and enjoy the amazing sea breeze.
*Cycling session(exercise). :C
*Shopping with my girlfriends/girls outing which i missed like crazy!
*A relaxing trip to somewhere nearby with my dearest friends.
* Minimum 3days of Thailand trip.
*Art museum.
*Taking up some enrichment course.
Realisations bout some serious matters which traumatically affects me.
I sincerely hoped that i've the courage to overcome this thing.

Charity is something that you expect absolutely nothing in return:)